Questions to Ask When Hiring a Maternity Photographer

Having beautiful, keepsake photographs of when you were pregnant often helps complete the process from being an expecting mother to being a mom. After baby’s arrival, you will have thousands of pictures of your precious baby. Taking the time to capture the perfect photos of when you were pregnant will be something you will never regret and will cherish the memories from your life prior to baby’s arrival. Here are some tips on how to pick the best photographer for the job and questions to ask your photographer prior to hire.

Every woman is different in their comfort level. Some women have stretch marks that they are embarrassed by and don’t want shown in a keepsake photo. Other women want those precious last moments of pregnancy to be captured. The choice is entirely your own. Have a conversation with your photographer and express the types of photos you are seeking. If you want black and white silhouettes, then let the photographer know that you may want to wear a white gown or robe. If you want photos of you posing on your side, then maybe a bare belly photo is ideal. Be prepared to take a variety of photos with lots of different poses. You may be surprised by what the photographer is able to capture when they are snapping those candid pictures.

Of course! These photos are what you want and they absolutely can include the people that are closest to you. While photos with just the expecting mother are wonderful, having family photos are great to have in your maternity portfolio, as well. Photos with the father and mother, mother and other siblings, and family photos are certainly acceptable. Make sure you discuss who you want included in your photo session so that adequate time is booked. A second session, of just mom, may be a good idea if you have a lot that you want captured, but also want intimate shots too.

Either setting can be wonderful when planned properly. If you are planning your photo shoot for February, in a cold climate, you may want to consider an indoor photo shoot, or plan an outfit that is warm enough for the outdoors but doesn’t cover up your baby body. Scarves, hats, and tight sweaters can easily be incorporated into you shoot to keep you warm and allow the photographer to capture what they need to make your shoot phenomenal. If the plan is to pose in the snow, a nude photo shoot is probably not the best idea; it is also not impossible. Discuss what you have in mind with your photographer before you meet.

Absolutely. We do suggest, however, that you let the photographer take a couple of photos that they think will capture the day, as well. Your maternity photographer is trained to see things in a certain way. They may arrive on set for the day of your shoot and find inspiration in the landscape that you hadn’t noticed. Being just a little open minded may get you the perfect photo that you hadn’t even anticipated. Having maternity photo’s taken should be a wonderful experience. Be open and honest with your photographer to decide location, outfit choices, people you want included, and poses. Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the day. This is a once and a lifetime opportunity that you will cherish always.