Maryland Maternity Photographer | Glowing Baby Bump

So how did I meet Ellie?

I was busy shooting a wedding when I spotted a pregnant lady seated somewhere in the reception. So I walked up to her when I had a little down time. I introduced myself and told her I would love to shoot her bump should she be looking for a maternity photographer. I’m sure she must have been looking at me and wondering; only you doing it all – wedding, maternity and even baby? If you are reading this, I’m sure you are wondering that too... Oh well what can I do huh

Well, it worked out because a few weeks after she contacted me to inquire about my fees. Then, she booked her session and in less than a month we were already going over different ideas and looks she wanted for her beautiful bump. I am particularly excited and grateful for the opportunity to capture and document this moment for her family because it was a maternity session outside the norm. It was different, it was unique, it was beautiful and it was enchanting. Thanks to Ellie and her husband for working with me on this.